First vinyl release on Wild Noise Records: Pie in the Sky / Misery of Man
Lead Vocals, Guitar: Jack Torera
Bass Guitar: Samuel Schmidiger
Drums, percussion: Chris Rosales
Recorded at Shirts Off Studios in Bern, Switzerland by Sebastian Zwahlen
Mixed and Mastered by Jim Diamond
Cover Art and Design by Andy Sinboy Luke
©Ⓟ 2023 Wild Noise Records/ WNR702/Release date: MARCH 01 2023

the jackets -
queen of the pill

Barcode: 7640148982931 | WNR005

  1. Dreamer

  2. What About You

  3. Steam Queen

  4. Move On

  5. Don't Leave Me Alone

  6. Queen Of The Pill

  7. Floating Alice

  8. Losers Lullaby

  9. Deeper Way

  10. Be Myself

the jackets -
Be MySELF/queen of the pill

Barcode: 7640111767602 | WNR701 | SOLD OUT 

  1. Be Myself

  2. Queen Of The Pill

The Jackets -
Shadows OF SoUND

Barcode: 7640148982122 | WNR003

  1. Don't Turn Yourself In
  2. At The Go-Go
  3. Sometimes Maybe
  4. Keep Yourself Alive
  5. Living The Past
  6. Watch You Cry
  7. Wheels Of Time
  8. You Better
  9. Hands Off Me
  10. Astronaut
  11. Shadows Of Sound

the jackets -

Barcode: 4250137223735 | WNR002  | SOLD OUT

  1. Freak Out

  2. Down You Sta

  3. Wasting My Time

  4. Fly My Way

  5. You Said

  6. Hang Up

  7. In My Mind

  8. Oh Baby

  9. Falling Girl

  10. What We Gonna Do

  11. The City

  12. Last Chance

The Jackets - STUCK INSIDE

Barcode: 3661585126553 | WNR001 | LP SOLD OUT

  1. Get Back With You

  2. Cannot Stop You

  3. Running

  4. Got No Time

  5. Make You Mine

  6. Mr. Stranger

  7. Traitor

  8. Out Of My Head

  9. Sadie

  10. Demolition Girl

  11. Count The Tears

  12. Escape

what is wild noise?

Wild Noise Records is the new label and home of the complete recording catalog of The Jackets.

All recordings were created, recorded and produced by The Jackets and released successfully in collaboration with different labels. After 13 years The Jackets decided to start their own label to have one home for their existing repertoire.

The Jackets merchandise and music is available on BANDCAMP and DISCOGS or digitally on all common platforms. For sales, distribution, licensing (all rights cleared and stems available) please contact us: mail@wildnoiserecords.com

the jackets

Since 2008, The Jackets have brought their high energy live performances to stages throughout Europe, U.K., The United States, Mexico and Canada. The Jackets are well known on the European Garage Rock circuit playing at some of the most well-known festivals in the genre. The band has released four full length LP's - Stuck Inside (2009, Subversiv Records), Way Out (2012, Soundflat Records) and Shadows Of Sound (2015, Voodoo Rhythm Records). In 2017 the band joined forces with producer and musician King Khan (King Khan & The Shrines) who produced a limited edition 7” vinyl single, Be Myself/Queen Of The Pill (2017) as well as their fourth LP Queen Of The Pill (2019) which was also mixed and mastered by Jim Diamond (White Stripes), both released on Voodoo Rhythm Records. In 2022 The Jackets formed Wild Noise Records and released the 7" single, Pie in the Sky/Misery of Man on March 1st 2023.